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This Is A Short Review Of “Guns Akimbo”

If you talk about Daniel Radcliffe, you might immediately remember his iconic role, which is Harry Potter. After his role as Harry ended, Radcliffe certainly still starred in various other films. This year, you will see Radcliffe’s actions again through the film titled Guns Akimbo. You can watch this movie on 123 movies.

Unlike the Harry Potter series, Guns Akimbo is an action genre film flavored with comedy elements. In this film, Radcliffe collided acting with the main star of the film Ready or Not (2019), and she is Samara Weaving. Before it was released in a public cinema, Guns Akimbo turned out to have aired first at the Toronto International Film Festival in September last year.

The film, that is directed by Jason Lei Howden, is about a programmer named Miles Lee Haris who is too fixated on cyberspace and games. One day, Miles made the mistake of insulting a forum called Skizm, the organizer of the popular live stream deathmatch on the internet. As a result, Miles was instead forced to follow Skizm’s deathmatch and he had to deal with high-class criminals.

From the premise of the story, Guns Akimbo is arguably a satire to offend people who are too preoccupied with cyberspace. In fact, the deathmatch that Skizm held in this film was made similar to deathmatch in the game. The concept of the story raised is actually quite interesting and in accordance with the reality of today’s life. Unfortunately, it is not well executed.

The concept or theme will certainly not be maximized if it is not supported by an interesting plot. Well, the development of the storyline displayed by Guns Akimbo was delivered poorly. Many things will make you wonder about the plot of the story. Even when there is a scene that tries to explain the question mark in the plot, and there are some unclear parts in its story.

As a director and screenwriter, Howden actually had enough to try to bring some plot twists in Guns Akimbo. Once again, the plot twist that should have been a surprise and might be able to save the storyline of the film made the story even more absurd and it feels unnatural.

Aside from being an action film, Guns Akimbo also presents comedy elements in it. Most of the comedy elements in this film come from the behavior of Miles and the jokes of each character. Radcliffe’s acting as a weak and careless Miles is quite successful enough to provoke audience laughter.